“Negativity is like a lock on the world; being positive unlocks this door to a world of infinite possibilities and opportunities” 

“Sometimes I wish there was no tomorrow. Think how much fun we could have today” 

“Even the smallest of accomplishments is greatly appreciated in the eyes of a positive person because its another step in the right direction”

“Just be you!”

“Tragedy hits at the most random times, but mainly to just remind us of all the wonderful things we have in this life. Sometimes it happens to good people, but God chooses them for a reason.”

“Life. One word that means everything to humans. Life is precious and it is easy to forget that sometimes.”

“I promise to never judge a person based upon their appearance. I promise to give every individual I meet an equal chance to become my friend. And I promise to never hate a soul.”

“I control my own destiny and told myself I was going to create a new positive reality I realized that people grow the most when they are out of their comfort zones, and I took it as a challenge to grow”

“Those who think positively thirst for opportunity because through opportunity one can move forward”

“By thinking negatively, one will never reach his full potential because he is not allowing himself to fully harness the power of his own mind”

“Essentially, a person’s mindset determines how much they will enjoy the beauty of life”

“Failure to one who thinks positively will be viewed as a stepping-stone on the path of life”

“She’s the right girl when every kiss feels as good as the first one”

“A girl with good looks is sexy. But a girl with a good personality is beautiful”

“Not supporting gay marriage is like not supporting the freedom of choice”

“Number one concern should be doing what makes you happy” 

“There’s sports. Then there’s spikeball.”

“It’s not over till you give up, and even then it’s not over because you’ve still got so many people who love and care about you”

“Just remember when times are at their worst, things can only get better”

“Gotta keep that positive outlook on everything”

“Thankful for my family, friends, and the life I’m living! So many great people in my life.”