NDA Girls Basketball team raises over $1,500 for Brian Matters

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The Notre Dame Academy Girls Basketball team not only played basketball, but also helped a good cause. Over $1,500 was raised at the game and will go toward the Brian Matters fund.

“Anything can happen when you drink, and bad things happen, and Brian proved that,” Brian’s father said. “That’s what we’re trying to get across to these kids. You know, drinking seems like fun, but even the best-laid plans fall apart, just like the night Brian died.”

The money raised will go towards the program called Kids Unlimited; a program Brian was very passionate about.

“There’s never a bad side to that, thinking about others and giving and trying,” Cindy said. “Brian would just be awed by this. He was a huge fan of girls’ basketball, and he loved sports, so I know he’s kind of smiling right now.”

WTOL reported Jennifer Steck reported this segment, and you can watch the entire video in the source link below.

Source: Toledo News Now

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