Hoeflingers share son’s story at liquor license training

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It’s a heartbreaking story to tell, but one Cindy and Brian Hoeflinger say needs to be heard.

“I want them to think, for just one second, if they’re going to sell to someone they think is a minor; just don’t do it.  Think about Brian,”  Dr. Brian Hoeflinger said.

Their son, Brian, 18, was killed after he drank and got behind the wheel.

Monday, local bartenders, servers and any other person who can sell alcohol was invited to take part in liquor license training.  Representatives from the state gave everyone a run down of Ohio laws.

The Hoeflinger’s showed them the consequences with a powerful video of Brian’s life.

“I think it sends a message,” Angela Toth, a local bartender said.  “It could happen to anyone.”

“It makes us look a little bit harder to really enforce ID’s at the door when they come in,” Keith Fell, a local bouncer said of the presentation.

Brian’s accident was in February.  Since then, his parents have made it a priority to show, it can happen to anyone and something needs to be done.

“We were very excited about this one and very thankful they were willing to listen to our story,” Cindy Hoeflinger, Brian’s mother said.

Many took that message to heart.BH-23x915

“It just shuts down one opening for them to binge drink when they’re not supposed to be,” Toth said.

The Hoeflinger’s say their goal is to educate and show people tragedy happens, but, it can be prevented.

“What I hope is that they have a chance to see our son, see what a life he had, and see what selling alcohol did to his life and our family,” his parents said.

Investigators have determined the alcohol Brian consumed was purchased at Foxx’s on Dorr Street.

The state has since pulled its liquor license.  The clerk who allegedly sold the booze to Brian’s friend is set to go to trial next month.

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