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It’s been 5 weeks since our son Brian died.  Cindy and I were driving home from a friend’s house the other night when we passed the tree that Brian’s car hit.  It was an eery feeling knowing he had hit the tree around the same time we were driving by. The pain of his death is still very present to us on a daily basis but I think Cindy and I are starting to both feel a small sense of peace as well.  We are now starting to realize and appreciate all the good that is coming from the loss of Brian and this tragic event.  Nothing can bring him back but we can sure try to learn from this experience and try to change things for the better in Brian’s honor. And that we are doing. Here is an update on things.

Firstly, the memorial fund has hit the $40,000 mark as of March 1st, exactly one month after Brian’s accident.  What an accomplishment for charity in such a short period of time.


Secondly, we have 2 exciting golf tournaments coming up on Saturday June 1st of this year.  The morning event will be an 8:30 shotgun start at Ottawa Park primarily involving junior golfers although adults and parents are welcome as well. Price will be $75.00 which includes a cart, lunch, prizes, and dinner reception with awards and silent auction.  The second event later that same day will be at the Sylvania Country Club with a 1:30 pm shotgun start. Price will be $175.00 per person and includes a cart, practice range, lunch, and dinner reception with awards and silent auction.  Both should be great events and all proceeds will go to Brian’s Memorial Fund for charity.

Thirdly, given Brian’s and his friends passion and love for Spikeball,  I have contacted the president of Spikeball at the direction of Hannah Moreau.    He has agreed to support and help sponsor a Spike ball tournament here in Toledo.  Hannah and many of Brian’s friends will be spearheading this event and already have some great ideas!  I think this could be a wonderful event for charity and quite unique to the Toledo area as I can think of no Spikeball tournament that has been held in Toledo as of yet.

Lastly and probably most importantly, I think Brian’s death has given many people a pause to reevaluate what is really important in our lives.  To realize how much we take for granted every day especially with our kids lives.  To tell them just how proud we are of them and of their accomplishments.  To encourage them to believe in themselves and as Brian would say, “Just be you!”.   To tell your kids how much you love them because in a heart beat you may lose that chance forever when tomorrow never comes and be left only with a feeling of regret.  I found another quote of Brian’s  on facebook that he posted and I would like to share it with you:

“Sometimes I wish there was no tomorrow.  Think how much fun we could have today.”

He posted that on 12-28-12 – his birthday.  Again, Cindy and I can never fully express the appreciation and gratitude we have for everyone who has been so kind and supportive of us though this time of grief.  That love will live on in us forever!!  Have a nice day!

Brian Hoeflinger

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